Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2017-02-06 Narra District Brings 30 Members to the Temple!

Palawan is "on fire" with the spirit of temple work!  30 members traveled all the way from Palawan to Manila to be able to be endowed and sealed to their families.  These are wonderful, humble members who have very little in the terms of the world, but very much in the terms of goodness and love.  Many of them barely survive from day to day, yet they each scraped and saved to pay their portion so they could come to the temple.  The day they flew into Manila, they stopped by the mission home for lunch.  President Ostler serves as the Priesthood leader over the Narra District, so he knows and loves all these precious members.  We have visited their branches, seen their homes and heard their stories of faithfulness and sacrifice.  Many travel long distances just to attend church.  They are absolutely amazing members.  I wish you could know each one of them and their faithful stories.

                      While they were waiting for their van, President showed them how to play foozball.

The following pictures are picture testimonials of the wonderful blessing senior missionaries can be!  Elder and Sister Atkinson could be "poster children" for senior missionaries.  They have done so much good building the church in the Narra area....just by loving and strengthening and helping and doing whatever needs to be done.  As you look at these pictures... you will see why we are so grateful for them and for all our wonderful seniors.  THEY ALL HAVE NO IDEA HOW VITAL THEY ARE TO THIS GREAT WORK!  But some days, they get to feel the fruits of their labors...like today.

One of the members' favorite things to do when they come to the mission home is to look at the missionary board that shows pictures of all the missionaries and where they are serving.

They love to find "their" missionaries who have served in their area.  They will forever love and cherish those missionaries!