Sunday, February 19, 2017

2017-02-19 A Glimpse Into Their Lives

Today, after church, Caleb and Sister Ostler went out with the missionaries.  Caleb went with Elder Allred (today's his birthday) and Elder Barrientos, and Sister Ostler went with Sister Singer and Sister Pollock.

Caleb shared what a great experience it was for him to go with such great elders who taught a young family with great conviction.  He loved that they planned what they would do before they left, and they let him participate by following up on past commitments and by sharing an experience and testimony.  They were also joined by the ward mission leader, so it was a great group of young men who were teaching and testifying to this family.  How blessed they were!  How blessed we are to have good, worthy elders for our son to go teaching with!

I have to say that teaching the gospel has got to be the greatest thing on earth.  I LOVE going with the missionaries!  Maybe it's because they always take me to people who are receptive and don't reject me, but it just such an amazing thing to share with people, who you grow to love as you teach them, the thing that matters the very most in your entire existence.....the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
It's hard to put into words how awesome it is to be able to just openly tell someone how much Heavenly Father loves them and wants them back in His tell them how Heavenly Father reaches out to help us, His children, through  prophets who teach us the gospel of Jesus Christ so we can know how to have peace and joy in this life and how to return to live with Him be able to tell them all the things Heavenly Father does to help us.....restoring priesthood power, the gift of the Holy Ghost, scriptures, the plan of salvation, and most importantly the role of His Son, our Elder Brother, Jesus Christ.  It's hard not to cry when I share my love for those truths because I REALLY KNOW THEY ARE TRUE.  I know they bless our lives.  I have lived them for 58 years and they have brought me, my family and those I love peace, joy, happiness, strength, direction and perspective.

I wish you could have been there and watched the two sister missionaries, Sister Singer and Sister Pollock.  Sister Singer taught with clarity, confidence, sincerity and testimony.  Her Tagalog seemed smooth as though she has spoken it almost her whole life.  Sister Pollock is still in her second transfer, yet she spoke almost complete Tagalog!  She participated as much in the lesson as Sister Singer and only had to check with Sister Singer a few times for the right word to use.  She was able to connect well with the brother and sister we were teaching, and you could tell that they liked her because she was so sincere in her effort to use her newly acquired Tagalog.  She sounded SO good!  It truly is a miracle to be able to learn a language that quickly!  I was so grateful for both of them and their example.  They don't HAVE to be in the Philippines, sleeping in noisy apartments without air conditioning and no warm showers.  They could be home dating and going to college.  They are both beautiful girls, but they had a sincere desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with their brothers and sisters and were blessed to be called to the Philippines, where people are so open and ready to receive it, so we are so very blessed to have them!

Tonight, you would have had tears in your eyes watching these they led me through a maze of streets and on two jeepneys across town somewhere in the humble home of a sweet family who we hope will come to church on Sunday.

Truly......sweet is the God, my King.

Sorry I didn't have my camera or I would have taken a picture!!