Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2017-02-07 Vision of Heaven

Today, as I sat in the sealing room of the temple with three of our sister missionaries who will go home tomorrow, four of our current elders, one returned sister missionary and a group of members from the Narra District of Palawan......I saw Heaven.

Well, at least I felt very strongly what I imagine Heaven to be like.  How do I express what it is like to be in a holy place with people who truly love God and have made many personal sacrifices and great effort to be there?  How can anyone describe the scene of seeing a father and mother kneel across from each other and be married for time AND ALL ETERNITY to each other if they keep their promises to each other and God?  Then, to witness them be joined by their children and see those precious children be sealed to the parents also with that same God-given power or priesthood... there are just no words to express the joy that this image creates.  I wish I had words that could help you see it yourself or that I could paint a picture, but it is an experience that has strengthened my own testimony of the truth of God's plan for His children's happiness.

Families truly are the center of Heavenly Father's plan for our happiness. Today was like being in Heaven. 

    We started our day today at the MTC and ran into these wonderful sister missionaries.  If you even wonder if being a senior missionary is fun....just look at these sisters!  There is such a feeling of joy and sisterhood/brotherhood as we all try to serve our Savior by serving his children....however we are called.  Each of these sisters is spectacular!  (Sister Stewart is wearing pants because she assists her husband who is an area dentist.) Senior Missionaries are THE BEST!!!

Then we got to do an endowment session with our sisters who have finished their missions are are going home tomorrow.  Each of these sisters has personally triumphed over great trials.  We are so proud of them!

 After the session, we had the great opportunity to attend the sealing of several families from the Narra District in Palawan.  It truly was the "crowning event" of a mission experience....to see a family be sealed together....for eternity. 

 After a wonderful day in the temple, we had a wonderful evening discussing "life after death" (what to do after you return home from your mission) and sharing dinner and testimonies.

                                Can you tell how much everyone LOVES each other???

           We are SO blessed to be here and have these experiences with these amazing people!