Thursday, September 29, 2016

2016-09-29 President Arzaga is "on fire" with Sharing the Gospel!

Our Stake President Arzaga heard of a college group that needed to put on a big event for a class assignment.  They needed a place and President Arzaga volunteered our church as the place.  They had a morning session with 300 students and an afternoon session with at least another 200 for a total of over 400 in one day. Somehow he included giving them the opportunity to watch the church movies, The Restoration and Legacy, then gave everyone a Book of Mormon while the missionaries taught and testified!  It was an incredible opportunity for these wonderful students to learn about the gospel!

Every one of them was presented a Book of Mormon.  I'm sure those who labored so diligently to write this record were rejoicing in Heaven! Let's all pray they will read them!