Friday, September 30, 2016

Consecration with Heart, Might, Mind and Strength!

Most of our seniors were able to get together last week during the district conference and zone conference in Puerto Princesa.  We sincerely missed the Jacobsens, but they had a family wedding we're grateful they were able to attend.  I want you to know what it's like to be a mission president and wife. It's WONDERFUL! What makes a mission work well is.....
SUPPORT!  Whether it is young or senior missionaries that support us, we just could not do it without them!  We thank all of you families who are sacrificing being with your parents or grandparents during important and difficult times in your lives.  Please know that your sacrifice is GREATLY appreciated!  As we have served together with these incredible souls, we have come to better know the meaning of true consecration.  There is something very
wonderful about asking for help and hearing them say, "Sure President.  What else can we do to help you, Sister.  We're not here for a vacation.  We're here to serve."

We love these seniors forever.

From left to right: Sister Turner (our wonderful nurse!), Elder and Sister Atkinson (Narra area), Elder and Sister Adduru (Puerto Princesa), Elder and Sister Porteous, and President and Sister Wolcott (Mission President's counselor).

 Elder and Sister Jacobsen who are currently serving in the Tay Tay, Roxas area on Palawan.

The Atkinsons and Elder and Sister Mortimer.  The Mortimers are home on medical leave while Elder Mortimer deals with a health issue.  WE CAN'T WAIT for their return!  Get well soon!!!! :)

If you knew these couples and saw their selfless service, their willing attitudes and love for the Savior and the missionaries, you would have tears in your eyes like I do.  We love you, Seniors!