Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2016-9 September Zone Conferences, Activities, Visitors

These wonderful sisters came to help make birthday cupcakes for zone conferences.  What an amazing group of sisters!  We're so blessed to have each one of them!

                                              Precious RM Sister Cobing and her mom

                                    Transfer to Palawan...

  September Zone Conferences....what a joy!  It's an amazing thing to watch these missionaries grow from new missionaries to skilled teachers and examples for the others!

 Elder Webster awaiting the crowd of missionaries wanting reimbursements!

                              Lovingly decorated by the Elders!

Top Quality Service!

          Elder Zeyer and Elder Beasley, our wonderful Assistants

    Birthday Bags!

What a treat to see our returned missionaries again!  Sister Britta Harris still glows with the spirit.  So fun to meet her parents!